Visual Artist

Originally from Guatemala, I am a self-taught painter who does not hesitate in my stroke. I explore the accident as a form of communion with the unknown and regularly reflect on the role of art in social justice. Since childhood, I have experimented with textures and materials while working in trades of wood and construction work. Now I integrate this knowledge in my painting. My life is marked by signs of socio-economical violence as well as with legacies of personal and community resilience.


Visual Artist/ writer

Evelyn Galindo is a Salvadoran artist living on the 89’ Meridian West, the geographic line connecting San Salvador, El Salvador and Madison, Wisconsin. Galindo migrated to Madison in the 1980’s as part of the diaspora of the most recent war and made her home in Wisconsin ever since.


Visual Artists

Contreras’ work explores the relationships between tradition, identity, and pop culture, incorporating techniques like acrylic, oil, and collage into her pieces. Growing up in the US and Mexico, has provided her a rich palette of imagery, as well as that from other cultures. She currently lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin, where she continues to create art. 

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